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Just leave some path to follow me in Cyberworld !
My nick name is Therman. I was born in Jakarta, June 12th,1972,
I'm a Dayaknesse ( people from Borneo/Kalimantan Island )
These are some clues :
STTTelkom - Electrical Engineering Dept.
Neural Networks, Data Communication
Artificial Intelligence and Expert System

My general interest are :
classical music, playing guitar, web surfing,
playing bridge, computer science, programming, travelling, reading,
go to the movie...etc...etc....

Peace from Indonesia !

Boarding house
Jl.Haji Wasid No. 4
Bandung, West Java
Phone : +62-22-2503130

Perumahan Bukit Nusa Indah
Jl.Orchid No.603
Sarua, Ciputat
Jakarta Selatan 15414
Phone : 62-21-7425846

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PT TELKOM Kandatel Jember members : Mr.Riza, Mr.Hidayat, Mr.Lala, Mr.Putu,Ms.Astuti

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PKL OS/II-96 Telkom Jember : Tommy, Didi, Diana Puspasari, Eny, Djoko Suhartono, Era Ajiwibowo, Endro

C&C lab members : Doddy Rahayu, Wayan, Romzy, Perry Erik ( I miss you all Hackers !)

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